The Dominican Republic and Haiti met at the Cross-Border Dialogue Table between Pedernales and Anse-À-Pitres.

Dominican Republic
2 December, 2021


Pedernales, Dominican Republic. On November 30, the Pedernales/ Anse-À-Pitres Cross-Border Dialogue Table took place, with the main goal of discussing the issues that affect the population of both border towns and to propose solutions. This activity took place in the Executive Hall of the Pedernales Truckers Union, and lasted approximately three hours.  


55 people representing 35 organizations located in Pedernales and Anse-À-Pitres attended to the activity. Among the items on the agenda was the analysis of the context from the country perspective. Both Haiti and the Dominican Republic presented the problems and situations of their countries, focusing mainly on what is happening in the border communities in the area.   


During the dialogue, the security situation in Haiti was also highlighted. Both parties agreed on the fact that it generates concern and paralyzes the exchange activities between the two countries. In addition, the attendees discussed various topics like environment, health, children in the streets, and binational cooperation. 


Finally, there was a space for free exchange, where the presence of several cooperation organizations present in the border area was also highlighted, such as: GIZ, CESAL and Frontera Sur; who had the opportunity to present themselves and briefly present the work they do on the border.  


IOM provides technical support and resources for these meetings within the framework of the Western Hemisphere Program, financed by the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration of the U.S. Department of State.