Why choose E-learning?

Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Other, Panama
30 August, 2019


San José, Costa Rica

Technological advances have helped develop many tools to make our daily activities easier. Learning is no exception! The possibility of remote learning – or e-learning – has made more education opportunities possible for many more people around the world through the use of digital platforms.

This learning method has spread throughout educational institutions, to facilitate the learning process and provide more access and benefits for students.

According to Guragain, in his thesis "E-learning benefits and applications”, numerous benefits of e-learning have been evidenced. Some of those are:

  • Low cost learning: electronic learning tends to be more affordable for most students, and has the additional perk of allowing to pick amongst a wide range of courses tailored to each person’s needs.
  • Flexible learning: e-learning means flexible education, because most learning materials are stored for students to access them whenever they wish to. E-learning systems also make it possible for students to skip subjects on which they are already knowledgeable, prioritizing the new content or skills they want to acquire.
  • Better retention: video and audio materials used in electronic learning make for a more rewarding learning experience. They help students remember what they have learned for longer periods of time. Besides, the possibility of further study of the materials whenever the person wishes and the repetition of lessons can improve retention.  

E-Campus is IOM’s learning platform. We host over 20 courses, in different languages and with many different topics concerning migration.

Our learning process is based on virtual and self-paced learning, so that every user can have a totally independent educational experience.

To learn more about our courses, visit: https://www.ecampus.iom.int/