We work in 12 countries to accompany government and civil society officials in the management of migration.

Hear it from those who have been part of the process.



“This campaign has allowed us to inform and generate greater certainty to Guatemalan workers about both the requirements and the benefits granted by the TVTF, within the framework of a safe, orderly and humane migration, recognizing them as generators of development, aimed at facilitating hiring processes and allowing them to enjoy the labor rights provided by the Federal Labor Law in Mexico,”.

Antonio Andrés Vidal

General Director of Regulation and Migration Records of the INM.

I came to the Hub to get information about the correct procedure, from you and in my own language. I now leave happy with the information, knowing that I won’t fall for scams.”

Migrant woman in the Dominican Republic.

“The training was very useful, I loved it! When I made my first plan it cost me $2200. If I can learn to do it myself, it is a plus. We are living in Dominica and doing what we are supposed to do: making a family, opening a business to feed ourselves and creating a future for our children, and sometimes creating jobs! So, I think migrants should be a key part of any country, Dominica inclusive”

Gabriel Mesidor

Participant of the workshop to support resilience-building for Haitian entrepreneurs in Dominica